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  Meet Gator Creek      
  Fred Lawrence:  
  Fred is my husband and best friend. Working behind the scenes as diligently as he does out front, Fred is a very important  
  part of our music. His harmony singing, rhythm and lead guitar, dobro and steel guitar help to create a distinctive sound  
  to our recordings and our performances on stage. Fred has had years of experience playing in bands. He has performed on  
  several TV shows and has backed many artists on recordings. Fred’s passion for music is unrelenting. Between the long  
  hours spent in the studio when producing and mixing a project and time dedicated to just listening for that ‘next great  
  song’, I feel I have my own ‘music encyclopedia.’  
  Ron Jenkins:  
  A great friend and a wonderful addition to Catherine Lawrence and Gator Creek, Ron plays a 5-string Kay Bass (a rare  
  model), which he has owned for several years. Ron is rated amongst the top bass players. He has played on several  
  recordings, and will jump at the chance to play on stage or in a jam. A fellow Nova Scotian living in Port Clyde in Shelburne  
  County, Ron and his wife Rita are our winter neighbours in Zephyrhills, Florida. When he’s back in Canada during the  
  summer, Ron spends a lot of leisure time hunting and painting at his camp.  
  Bob Conley:  
Bob became the newest member of Gator Creek when he joined the band in December 2012. With years of experience
playing banjo with several bands he has become a great addition. Bob hales from Kalamazoo, Michigan and along with his
lovely wife Vickie they now winter in Wildwood, Florida. A man with many interest and talents and holds a black belt in
marshal arts. Bob is dedicated to his music and will never give up a jam or miss a practise because of a long drive. Bob says
"that's just what I do".
At the CD Table you'll meet Rita Jenkins, Vickie Conley, and Jeannine Duval along with Flo Duval helping with the equipment.
Their loyalty is appreciated and I love each and every one of them!!! Everyone in the group is always ready, as we say in
Florida, for a "shake and howdy." So make a point to drop by and visit with us!
Please Note
It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of our wonderful banjo player and friend Rich Stenburn. Rich
passed away on March 15, 2012 After many complications. Rich was an important addition to Catherine Lawrence and Gator
Creek. He will always be remembered with great love for the very special friend and musician he was.
Rich haled from New York State and moved to Zephyrhills, Florida along with his lovely wife Audrey a few years ago.
Rich's love for music will always be a constant in our hearts and one will always feel his enthusiasm when we listen to his
banjo work on CD's, videos on YouTube especially when he cuts into a banjo tune he wrote and named for Gator Creek.
R.I.P Richie.
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